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LED Linear
LED Linear produces high quality linear LED lighting solutions based on flexible printed circuit boards, Offering a cost effective, unique modular LED tool kit for interior/ exterior linear lighting with an ingress protection of up to IP68.
LED Linear’s international recognition and reference projects, including exquisite lighting solutions for decorative or architectural applications, stand proof of high quality manufacturing philosophy.
For more details visit www.led-linear.com/
Lumenpulse specialises in the design and manufacturing of cutting edge Architectural Solid State Lighting Luminaires for interior and exterior applications.
Its products embody a design philosophy that respects the aims of lighting specifiers and the needs of the end-user. Each luminaire is simple to specify and easy to configure.
Lumenpulse aims to offer a ‘crayon box of options’ – myriad choices of optics, colours, accessories and finishes – that allow designers to solve all types of lighting challenges from small office interiors to large stadiums and resorts.
For more details visit www.lumenpulsegroup.com
Arcluce offers skilfully engineered luminaries for indoor and outdoor applications across a wide range characterised by its comprehensiveness, versatility and design.

The team at Arcluce designs, develops and manufactures a broad range of light engineering solutions to continuously meet the most demanding technical and architectural requirements, expectations of lighting designers. Each product is representative of the Made-in-Italy quality but with cost effective prices.

For more details visit www.arcluce.it
lighting up your projects for the last ten years
Designing and producing lighting fixtures using LED technology is our speciality. We are proud to be an authentic example of the Made in Italy branding, with a flair for innovation and a profound appreciation of the architectural project.

Our lighting fixtures integrate perfectly with, both indoor and outdoor spaces and surfaces, to recreate a natural architectural illumination.
All our products are designed at our headquarters in Vicenza, Veneto, where our meticulous creative process guarantees the highest possible quality and maximum, long-lasting reliability. For our production, we utilise local suppliers, drawing on the best professionals in the region.
For the last ten years, we have been unstoppable, always focused on realising new technical objectives and increasing product performance, with particular attention on our human capital, a team of highly trained, motivated people.
For more details visit www.lucelight.it/en

eldoLED is a world leader in the design and manufacture of intelligent drive solutions for LED based lighting systems.

Our technologies empower our customers to deliver the promise of LED lighting: smarter, sleeker and more efficient systems to meet the needs of an ever more energy conscious world. Colour is our nature, Light is our passion, your product our drive.

For more details visit www.eldoled.com


Casambi was founded in summer 2011 by Timo Pakkala, CEO, and Elena Lehtimäki, CTO, with the belief that smartphones and wireless technologies can fundamentally change the way we interface with everyday objects around us. Timo and Elena have a long history of creating innovative software solutions both in Nokia as well as in start-ups.

For more details visit www.casambi.com/

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